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Women’s education stands at the forefront of latest Obama initiative

Former first lady launches program to advocate for education for adolescent girls globally.

Thursday, Oct. 11, former First Lady Michelle Obama introduced the global initiative for women’s education, the Global Girls Alliance, to connect leaders of grassroot organizations to one another, increase funding to said organizations and inspire individuals in the U.S. and other developed countries to contribute to this cause.

The establishment of this organization was announced on International Day of the Girl, which has been in place by the United Nations since 2012. The Global Girls Alliance was created as an extension of the Obama Foundation with an overall goal to decrease the number of uneducated adolescent girls from the current 98 million worldwide.

Teachers at the River understand the implications of women’s education, seeing the effects every day in and out of the classroom.

“I notice for girls who are educated, they have more opportunities in the workforce,” English teacher Nicole Paternostro said. “They get along better with their peers. They are better prepared for opportunities that are provided for them. Whether it’s something small presented to them or it’s on a larger scale, they’re up for bigger challenges.”

Video courtesy of the Obama Foundation.

The intended result of the Global Girls Alliance is that women worldwide will be able to achieve more after following a stronger, more comprehensive education.

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Izzy Rines is a sophomore and is a part of the BRHS Technology Student Association. She enjoys photography and singing in her spare time. She aspires to be a lawyer in the future so she can use her occupation to help others.

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