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Weightlifting: The gateway sport

 Weightlifting leads the way to other sports during off-season.

The girls weightlifting team at the River – which started pre-season training early October and hosted tryouts mid-October – is largely made up of athletes playing other sports as well. While weightlifting is a sport in itself, it can also be used as training for other sports, especially winter sports. Conditioning is necessary for most sports, and girls weightlifting does just that.

Different sports use different training techniques to strengthen areas of the body utilized when playing the sport.

Weightlifting helps [volleyball] because it helps with verticals [which are up and down jumps], and just the overall fitness of your body helps when you play or practice,” freshman Hannah Ferguson said.

Many athletes like to focus on weight training during their off-season because it gives them a goal and a mission: to train and to improve for the next season. One of the benefits of weight training is reduction in injury by staying active throughout the year and keeping the players in shape throughout the year and season.

Weightlifting allows me to get stronger for my throwing and hitting,” sophomore Miriam Traugutt said. “During the fall, winter time is off-season for [softball] and you have something to do for training.”

Weightlifting is a lot of repetition, but it is that kind of repetitive training that trains the muscles for the repetitive motion of an individual sport.

 Weightlifting as a sport is unique, and the tools we compete with are the same tools we get ready with that involve strength, power and speed,” weightlifting coach Richard Lansky said.

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