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Volleyball: More than just a game

Volleyball is not just about the games and practices – it is also about the people.

Volleyball is a sport loved around the world. Some people like the sport for the competition, some want to be more active or they just like to play for fun. Although some volleyball players play the sport to make new friends, what they do not expect is how their relationship with their coach becomes a real partnership. The River’s volleyball team, for example, knows how important this relationship can be.

 You have to be able to relate to them as a person and not just a player,” coach John Sherfy said. 

It is important for a coach to appreciate and recognize different personalities for each player and adapt to their coaching style. While players on the team train together, sometimes a coach needs to try a different technique to help an individual who might be struggling.

I love meeting new coaches because they give you a different perspective of everything,” freshman Rylee Buckner said. ”The more we do together, the more we experience together; it is definitely more fun when you are more interactive with your coach.”

Although coaches are there to teach volleyball, one of the outcoming benefits is to interact with his/her players. They are not just looked up to as a coach but also as a role model, there to offer advice on and off the court.

For me, a coach has that caring quality that a parent does,” sophomore Morgan Pogoda said. “Having a coach that can joke around with us really makes the season fun.

Volleyball coaches really like to see their players talk and communicate and interact on the court. “I use the process of teaching them how to win so that they can come together and fight together for that win,” coach Frank Casain said. “I look for how the girls interact with other players, if they have the type of personality or energy that makes other players come alive and have energy.” It is vital that the players on the team can communicate together and have a connection with one another, a skill necessary during games.

Volleyball players are constantly communicating to each other on the court, and for a coach, that means he has done his job. Coaches really like seeing their team start to get along.

I feel like that’s part of the aspect of playing on a team, getting to connect with others,” sophomore Zara Smith said.

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