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The upside down of Homecoming week

Students prepare their spirit week costumes while also trying to get their school work done on time.

As Homecoming week creeps around the corner, officers and members of Student Government Association (SGA) may find it challenging to balance spirit week and night activities with schoolwork.

In order for students to stay on top of their classes, it is important to stay on track and get as much work as they can at the beginning of the week. What helps the officers get through the most stressful week of the year is knowing how much work they put in to make sure they have a good outcome. They all work together to make sure not only they have a good time, but that the whole student body as a whole does.

I believe that if the student body knew how much work and time and effort that we put into hoco week, then they would appreciate it more,’’ vice president Emily Wilcox said. “I know for me, my first few years I saw the decorations and events being put on and was like, ‘Oh, this is nice,’ but now knowing that we work from day one of school to put on something that only lasts a week, I appreciate all the work that every single member puts in. I plan by knowing that I need to stay ahead and also knowing that I will be sleep deprived, but at the end of the day being tired and stressed is all worth it when you see the final product and can step back and say, ‘Wow, we did that’.’’

The officers of SGA that help make this week happen have difficulties because they are trying to ensure every student at the River is dressing up and having fun with their costumes.  By the end of that week, every member in SGA, especially the officers, are relieved because one of the most stressful weeks of the year is over.

I think one of the most difficult parts of being an officer is that the student body never realizes how much work goes into homecoming week, but it’s still so rewarding to see everybody having fun,’’ vice president Sophia Torlucci said. “I think that if they realized what it was actually like, they would be completely shocked and much more appreciative of all our efforts. Homecoming week tends to take over my brain: I put my all into the dress-up days, which I honestly plan way earlier than I need to. That helps me balance everything I guess because I like to just be really prepared.’’

Each student in this club puts everything they have into this week because they will want to be able to look back at all the memories made during homecoming week from all four years. There are so many challenges that come but when everyone is working together to get the job done they are able to look back and think about how much they were able to contribute for the rest of the student body.

The student body would be shocked and rather confused about how much planning goes into homecoming week,’’ secretary Christian Solorzano said. “It’s an insane roller coaster ride that is filled with a lot of fun, stress and craziness. I think ahead of time when it comes to balancing everything. I had to request everything off, understand my work load and plan everything before I know it even happens. This year I don’t have an insane amount of workload, so that helps a lot when balancing it all together.’’

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Jessie Dyson is a junior at Braden River High School and has enjoyed being a writer for the past two years at the River. In her free time, you can usually find her swimming competitively for her high school team or her club team. Usually, if she is not in a pool you can find her hanging out with her friends or sitting in her room watching Netflix.

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