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Commercial Art takes their mural one step further this year

 The River’s chalk mural returns.

Returning for another year to decorate the River’s sidewalks, the 2019-20 chalk mural construction took place Nov. 7 and 8. All Commercial Art students and members of Artillery participated with creating a chalk mural based on Disney’s Toy Story series after the fourth and final movie of the series was released June 21.

Haile Middle was also invited to help,with each student partnered with a high school buddy to help during the project.  One hundred percent of students from Commercial Arts, Artillery and the selected students from Haile Middle participated in this two-day event.

All the students from both Mr. Fabianski’s classes and mine participated, both this year and last year,” Commercial Art teacher and Artillery adviser William Ferrell said.

The mural featured major villains like Emperor Zurg, the Prospector, and Lotso; recurring characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear; and brand new ones from “Toy Story 4” like Forky.

The 2018-19 mural was inspired by “Inside Out”, with art students showcasing the emotional aspect of the movie and the characters associated with Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Joy. The River’s art department decided to stick with Pixar for this year’s mural mainly for the film company’s storytelling ability.

The key is to make the story believable and relatable,” Ferrell said. “The way [Pixar does] that is interesting; they actually hire people to essentially create an audience of people to test if it’s relatable.”

The students did an excellent job keeping the darker colors away from the vibrant light colors,” Ferrell said. “It is very difficult to put a light color over dark.”

The point of this project was for students to enjoy not only viewing it, but working on it as well.

This has been a good experience, nothing like anything I’ve done before,” freshman Curran McDerment said.

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