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Unidos Now hosts a resume workshop for students starting a series of college readiness for the year.

UnidosNow is one of the latest clubs at the River. Aimed to help students gain readiness for college – from financial aid to the Common App – they want to guide members through any challenges with community service opportunities, essays, resumes and college tours. Although the club’s target audience is low-income Hispanics, anyone with the willingness to learn is welcome. Their goal is for students to overcome the fear of not succeeding and to enable students, as early as possible, to achieve their short- and long-term goals.

UnidosNow’s publicist Alexa Breiding promotes the club along with all activities within it and also speaks about how the club impacts the school and community.

We get others to believe that they can actually achieve what they want and it is not all based upon grades, Breiding said. Our goals are to reach low income students and let them know that they are not alone through this somewhat scary process of college.

UnidosNow hosted a resume workshop Thursday, Oct. 25th, in the media center right after school. The workshop was hosted to help students build their resume professionally and personally. Resumes are crucial to any college and career choice, and the club wanted to help students through the process.

Paulo Fernandes – treasurer and lead officer in the essay and resume writing committee – also oversees, organizes and executes fundraisers and other events like the resume workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to help students through the process of writing a resume and help them start on their own,” Fernandes said.We reviewed different skills, what to write, how you should go about layout and design, and made sure the participants understand how useful of a tool that resumes can be, if done right.

Vice president Isabella Macias oversaw the resume workshop aside fellow officer Fernandes. The workshop was a crucial event for club members and other students, and she plans to implement more opportunities like the resume workshop.

We will continue doing workshops as much as we can, and we’ve also been looking into more community service events for club members, Macias said. “Since we’ve begun our application process for semester two, we might do an event to attract more members. We hope that these events will prepare students for the future. The more information they know, the better they’re prepared.

The club will be accepting applications until Jan. 18. As seniors hear back from their institutions, they will focus on preparing them for college life as well as guiding underclassmen into the first steps of applying to their colleges.

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