Student Press of Braden River High School



Spyglass 2018-19 Staff


Mina Quesen

Mina Quesen is a senior contributor and the Editor-in-Chief of the Spyglass. As Editor-in-Chief, Mina focuses on editing and designing the magazine .


Jenna Mennes

Jenna Mennes is a senior going on to her fourth year with Spyglass. Other than journalism, Jenna is also the President of Student Government Association, a player on the varsity soccer team, and an avid nap taker. After high school she intends on going to a four year university and majoring in a journalistic field.


Kalli Dain

Kalli Dain is a fourth year journalism student and the Assistant Editor-In-Chief of the Spyglass. Beyond newspaper, she is a senior captain of the BRHS cross country team and intern for the Sarasota County Democratic Party. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies of all genres.


Sean Peabody

Sean Peabody is web developer and a senior contributor to the Spyglass. Sean is also on the tennis team and plays the drums in the River’s jazz band. He plans on studying business or music in college.


Kameron Kriebel

Kameron Kriebel is the Sports Editor and a senior at the River. She enjoys creative photography and playing softball. She one day hopes to become a photojournalist, or a pro sports team photographer, in New York.


Arianna Santiago

Arianna Santiago is a senior and the Business Manager for the Spyglass. She is also involved in Women’s chorale and Student Government Association. In her free time she’s a Kermit the Frog impersonator (mana mana doo doo doo doo doo).


Elizabeth Bernate

Elizabeth Bernate has been writing for news and opinions for two years. When not writing for news and opinions, writing poetry. Currently, she is studying three languages and hopes to use them in the future.


Sofia Mongilo

Sofia Mongilo is a senior contributor and the Life and Features Editor of the Spyglass.


Jillian Turner

Jillian Turner is a sophomore and the Life and Features editor of the Spyglass. Despite living in Florida’s heat her whole life, she is often cold and is seen in sweaters most of the time.

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Hiro Morton

Hiro Morton is a junior at the River and is the assistant sports editor for spyglass. He is also involved in band and wrestling. When he has free time he enjoys spending time with family friends, and fishing.

Maya Dean-Elois

Maya Dean-Elois is a sophomore and Assistant Web Editor. Besides writing, she enjoys reading books, drinking coffee, and doing her homework late. One day, she hopes to pursue a career in either the culinary arts or journalism.


Carissa Bailey

Cara Bailey is a freshman at the River and the Assistant Entertainment Editor. In her free time, she plays flute in the Marching Band of Pirates and plays with her two dogs. She enjoys swimming and reading in her free time, however, she is mostly found studying.


Kaelyn Free

Kaelyn Free is a sophomore and the Assistant Life and Features Editor. When she is not writing she is either reading, watching old movies, or singing.
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Fiorella Recchioni

Fiorella Recchioni is a freshman at the River. She enjoys reading and writing but spends a lot of her free time browsing through browsing through shows on Netflix. She hopes to have a future career in either law or politics.


Izzy Rines

Izzy Rines is a sophomore, the Assistant Web Developer, and a part of the BRHS Technology Student Association. She enjoys photography and singing in her spare time. She aspires to be a lawyer in the future so she can use her occupation to help others.


Jessie Dyson

Jessie Dyson is a junior at Braden River High School and has enjoyed being a writer for the past two years at the River. In her free time, you can usually find her swimming competitively for her high school team or her club team.


O’Mariah Gordon

My name is O’Mariah Gordon. This is my second year in journalism. I really enjoy writing. This class helps me improve my writing and gives me a chance to be able to express my creativity through writing.


Mary Kate Nolan

Mary Kate Nolan is a junior at the River and this is her second year writing for the Spyglass. If she’s not at school, she’s either at the beach or at Poppos eating tacos.

Allison Bloski

Junior, Allison (Alli) Bloski is entering her 3rd year in journalism. She is a softball junkie, buffalo chicken dip addict, Dunkin Donuts connoisseur and takes way too much time on her Instagram captions.


Clinton Engelberger

Clinton Engelberger is currently a junior at the River. He is involved in the school’s wind ensemble, jazz, and marching band, as well as creative writing club. He has an insane amount of knowledge on movie information, and hopes to one day become a screenwriter.


Brianna Fogarty

Brianna Fogarty is a Senior. She is a creative mind with a passion for design. She has been a devoted Key Club member for the past three years and loves to help out the community in anyway she can. When she is not volunteering she can most likely be found at Disney.


Olivia Bobo

Olivia Bobo is a junior and has enjoyed writing for the Spyglass for two years. She can be found at the movie theater, playing the drums, or watching Netflix.

Amanda Gillick

Amanda Gillick is currently a senior and a head figure in the Rivers competitive art team, Artillery. She is also the president of Art Club this school year and hopes to become an illustrator. When she’s not making art, she’s singing with Womens Chorale and has been for three years now.

Trinity Glassburn

Trinity Glassburn is a sophomore at BRHS. You can always catch her listening to music, working out, or eating way much more food than she probably should. She loves to get creative and think of new ways to accomplish goals.

Jacsyn Hockenbury

Jacsyn Hockenbury is a freshman at BRHS. She is currently writing for Entertainment because of her strong interest in music- especially the alternative genre. In her free time she like to play piano, run track and hang out with friends and family


Andrew Parge

Andrew Christopher Parge is the name and I’m a skinny scrappy kid from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been moved around a lot during my fifteen years. I’ve always wanted to be a lot of things and thought I ended up deciding being an author but realized that I don’t read.

Ohm Patel

Ohm Patel, junior at Braden River High School. When he is not doing homework, he spends his time with friends and family or learning better ways to improve himself. He has been striving to become a successful lawyer and businessman and a great person in general.

Morgan Christiansen

Morgan Christiansen is a Junior at the River, and has been writing for the spyglass for three years. Besides working on a story you can find Morgan at dance team practices, key club meets, or getting a coffee, after all she is a self proclaimed coffee addict.

Jasmine Castillo

Jasmine Castillo is a junior at the River that loves to eat macaroni. She puts time and dedication into her work so that one day she can be a business administrator and work for a big company in NYC.